Rules for IDS-Europe

Rationale behind the mailing list

This mailing list is dedicated to discussions of IDS detects and signatures, and in particular to the development of a European IDS community.
It stems from the SANS 2001 Parliament Hill track Intrusion Detection in Depth and has continued to gain subscribers thoughout 2002 now extending to other european SANS conferences.


  1. Flaming or abusive language will not be tolerated. We are all here to learn. The perpetrator will be removed from the list immediately.
  2. Data: all data, sanitised or not, is confidential and restricted to the list until the owner explicitly decides otherwise and publicly announces this decision to the list.
  3. Advertising will not be tolerated. This is not a marketing list. Product advertising will have the poster removed from the list immediately
  4. Due Credit: any analysis which incorporates comments or data from the list will have to cite the contributors.
Fundamentally it boils down to: "be polite, we are all learning", "don't go and publish other people's data unless you have explicit permission", "you shall not try to sell anything to the list", "if you have been helped then make sure you give credit where credit is due".

How to subscribe

The easiest way is to go the web page - just replace the current page with mailman/listinfo/ids-europe. The reason I am not making this a link is to prevent the various email address collector robots from harvesting even more spam targets. If you have problems getting there e-mail me.

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