IDS Europe - Documents and data

This web page is a collection of documentation & data supporting the IDS-Europe mailing list.

Available Documents

The Echelon domes at Menwith Hill - (c) BBC, 2003 Snort Data

Data (Snort 2.0.6)

Data (Snort 2.0.2)

Data (Snort 2.0.1)

Data (Snort 2.0.0)

Data (Snort 1.9.1)

Data (Snort 1.9.0)

Data (Snort 1.8.7)

Data (Snort 1.8.6)

Data (Snort 1.8.3)

SNMP Alert: Go and patch your SNMP (see CERT advisory)

Data (Snort 1.8.2-RELEASE)

Data (Snort 1.8.1-RELEASE)

Data (Snort 1.6)

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